Greetings, Strongwater, from Paris!

Well, aside from a very turbulent flight over the Atlantic, we arrived safely in Paris this morning!  I’m blessed to have such an outstanding group of “new friends” to share in this journey of education and development. Folks in Paris have been quite gracious and accommodating.  Five of our group have moved on to Azerbaijan this morning, and I’ve stayed behind with another colleague until an illness passes. I do believe I know the Paris airport quite extensively as I walked miles to locate my luggage.  Bottom line, we found it!  We will be heading out Tuesday for Azerbaijan.  After a review of the Azerbaijani culture, we will meet with the Paralympic Committee.  Thursday entails a visit to “Ganclick Horse Farm”.  This is the farm interested in hearing more about Therapeutic Activities & Assisted Therapies.  I’m very excited to know they have such great interest in learning more about it!  Miss you all!




One thought on “Greetings, Strongwater, from Paris!

  1. Diana January 18, 2015 / 5:32 pm

    Patti, glad to hear from you, so exciting, sorry that a traveling companion i is ill, but glad you are there.


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